Mermaid's Dream


Mermaid's Dream

Be still my mermaid beating heart

Well, I didn’t expect a response as huge as this one received, thought I should waste time and get it up.

This absolute stunning of a hood has two very special fabric. The Pastel Rainbow fur has such a gorgeous array of soft and subtle tones through but with a base undercoat of a Lavender Lilac. The reversible sequin fabric has two very little differences that really do make a huge impact. It is pearlescent minty turquoise in one direction and iridescent with a beautiful pale lilac hue in the other direction.

All ‘Hoodlum’ hoods have a handcrafted wooden button made by myself and engraved with the logo

This hood is made to order, processing time is 1-2 weeks. If you need to have your order sped through, please contact me directly.