Floral Tilly


Floral Tilly

Oh to wear all the colours of the rainbow!

I adore this Jersey fabric designed by Tilly and the Buttons, the pattern making extraordinaire. The pattern consists of small bouquets of multi-coloured flowers laid over a black and white geometrical floral background. Gives me all the happy feels 🙂
What I love the most about this fabric is it’s vibrancy but what better than to add bright beautiful sunshine yellow faux fur for the trim. The interior of this hood is a Supersoft Black faux fur, it completely lines the whole of the inside keeping you mega cosy, so you can radiate the sun wherever you go!

All ‘Hoodlum’ hoods have a handcrafted wooden button made by myself and engraved with the logo and allows you to reverse the hood without the worry of any nasty labels.

If there are aspects of this hood that you love like the Tilly and the Buttons fabric, I have plenty more in my stash so if you wanted to do a different fur and fabric combo just drop me a message and let me know your ideas!!