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Floral Antler Headdress

This custom made headdress is to adorn the new and upcoming folk singer Icarus Girl. Siobhan and I met in 2018 when her very good friend purchased a Reynard Fox Faux Hood which she went on to use for her portrait for her debut album cover.

I have been making headdresses for a couple of years, but on the request of adding deer antlers I leaped at the opportunity to create and design a new piece.

The antlers have been created using recycled materials such a wire and packaging foam to create and mold the shape. Using her chosen colour of pastel shades; I am so happy with the finished piece. When you’re learning and creating simultaneously a lot of time taken up by testing out ideas but transforming wastes materials into a glamourous headpiece fit for the stage has been a wonderful mini adventure.

I will be making more of these in the near future so keep an eye on my new releases!