A selection of Hoodlum hoods

2019 EVENTS:

14th, 15th, 16th June – Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival.
29th Jun – Salted Roots Festival, Clevedon.
14th Jul – Tropical Pressure Festival, Mount Pleasant Eco Park.
26th Aug – Family Fun Fest, Heartlands.

More events to come this year, but these are confirmed.

Latest News:

Magpie Wedding Shoot

9th February 2019

A collaborative shoot for the designer ‘Beyond Bridal Beyond Corset‘ and stylised by Vvravenfloral.

Featured by ‘Magpie Wedding’.

Floral Antler Headdress

3rd April 2019

This custom made headdress is to adorn the new and upcoming folk singer Icarus Girl. Siobhan and I met in 2018 when her very good friend purchased a Reynard Fox Faux Hood which she went on to use for her portrait for her debut album cover…

First Commission Wedding Hood

18th November 2018

Phoenix Kimono

17th Novemeber 2018
In 2018 Hoodlum was asked to take part in the ‘Bristol Fashion Show’. We were there to help support independent artists and designers. The Hoodlum Clothing brand was born in Bristol, it’s design roots were based there. It was an absolute honor to return and take part in this event….
Hoodlum short logo

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