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"The little company that makes big hoods!"

"The little company that makes big hoods!"

Hoodlum luxury faux fur hoods

Bespoke Luxury Faux Fur Hoods


Hoodlum designs bespoke luxury faux fur hoods to be the perfect accessory for all occasions, whether it’s your festival outfit for late night frolics, or that extra bit of glamour to crown your evening gown.

Originality is key to our ethos. Our products are either one of a kind or limited edition, meaning that you as a customer can have the confidence that even if you see another person wearing a Hoodlum hood, they won’t have yours!

Every luxury faux fur hood is designed to be versatile; they can be worn up as a hood, down as a shawl and because they are fully fur-lined, you are able to turn them inside out.

We don’t like labels! Instead each hood comes with a handcrafted hard wooden button that is sleek, unique and engraved with the ‘Hoodlum’ logo.

Hoodlum was originally created to express and promote well-being, through positivity and creativity. We feel the need to create for creation’s sake, and every luxury faux fur hood made, not only brings happiness to us, it brings its new owner a lot of joy too, thus creating a cycle of positivity.

The progression of Hoodlum has ignited our need to create and has led us to design new lines such as kimonos, bumbags and gloves, with ever-emerging plans to continue developing and evolving to new and exciting heights.

Hoodlum bespoke luxury faux fur hoods

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