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Winter Luxe

Bridal Wear


finest materials

Hand sourced fabrics and faux furs individually selected for their quality, look and feel!


Made in the UK using sustainable practices where everything is recycled and re-used where possible.


Lovingly created using Hoodlum designs to accentuated colours and pattens for a unique style

some Hoodlum Fans...

My hood arrived today and it's bloody fantastic! Fast delivery, thoughtful packaging and great communication aswell! Such a wicked product Thankyou I love it


Soft, strokable faux fur and a hood that's almost a door to Narnia, it's that deep. Jo's customer service is amazing and she's a genuinely lovely person. You need at least one of these hoods

Leonie Van der Gebb

The hoodlum Recipe

Faux Fur

All fur is synthetic, vegan friendly and comes in a range of densities for a every day or luxurious design.

The Fabric

High quality materials and unique designs hand-selected from UK suppliers, with a sustainable angle as I don’t like to create any waste!

The button

Each Hood is completed with a hand-crafted button (sourced locally where possible) which I hand-carve from dark vintage hardwood to enclose your hood.

Design your own Hoodlum

All Hoodlum product are pretty unique, you can design your own tailored to your own taste including styles, fauxs and fabrics

Need some inspiration?